The ABC Imaging mission and commitment

The commitment to service is a fundamental operating principle at ABC Imaging. In all transactions—with customers and with fellow workers—employees strive to deliver services and products using the principles of customer service established by its founder.

When Medi Falsafi founded ABC Imaging in 1982, he made the company mission, "To Impress Every Client... Every Time." As ABC Imaging grew, he wrote a Client Bill of Rights to guide his employees and ensure customers of ABC Imaging's commitment to delivering services and products. One component of the Client Bill of Rights is the sense of empowerment that Medi Falsafi wants employees to use in committing to provide the highest level of customer service possible.

In the highly competitive world of printing and printing services, clients expect quality and on-time delivery. They win the job. But to succeed as a business, we know we need you to come back again—we must keep you as a client or customer.

Big and little things matter, too. Big things like adapting quickly to new print technology and being problem solvers for printing jobs large or small. Little things like attention to detail. These make us unique.

Our commitment to you is to continuously improve our services and products. To make the print solutions we provide work for you. To make the Client Bill of Rights work for you.