Company History

In 1982, Medi Falsafi created American Blueprinting Company, to provide premium quality reprographic services to the architects, engineers, and contractors. With a background in architecture and an MBA from Harvard Business School, he purchased printing equipment and set up shop.

Medi's architectural knowledge made it easy for him to understand how to provide print solutions to the building design and construction industries. He grew what was to be a temporary venture into a multimillion dollar business. Today, American Blueprinting Company is known as ABC Imaging.


Medi Falsafi opens American Blueprint Company in March with offices at 11th and K in Washington, DC.

In December, ABC Imaging moves to 14th and N.

The Offset Printing division opens in Alexandria, VA in September.

In June the first retail store opens on Oronoco Street in Alexandria, VA.

Headquarters moves to 1147 20th Street in January.

A second store opens on Spring Street in Silver Spring, MD in March.

In April, a third store opens on Tyco Road in Vienna, VA and then moves to Tyson's Corner, VA.

ABC Imaging's Offset Printing division moves to Slaters Lane in Alexandria, VA.

January ABC acquires Topel Digital Solutions in January. The acquisition enables the rapid expansion into large format digital printing technology.
Stores open in Bethesda, MD and in Reston, VA.

The company's online planroom, BlueprintOnline, launches in August. The web-based application enables construction drawings to be organized and facilitates the ordering of drawings over the life of a project.
In June, ABC Imaging opens a store in Baltimore, MD.

The Offset Printing division moves in December to Chevy Chase, MD.
ABC Imaging's first west coast store opens in Los Angeles, CA in November.

Stores open in New York, NY in May and in West Los Angeles, CA in November.

Stores open in Bellevue, WA; Boston, MA; and Pittsburgh, PA.

To support growth and consolidate operations, company headquarters and the Offset Printing division move to 1155 21st Street in Washington, DC.
Stores open in Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; and Miami, FL.

ABC Imaging launches its Grand Format division to print banners, signs, and posters and to support other specialty printing activity. The company purchases 3D printers to expand products and services into creating 3D physical models and rapid prototypes for a variety of market sectors.
Stores open in Atlanta, GA; San Francisco, CA; Seattle, WA; Irvine, CA; and Houston, TX.

Anticipating the start of international growth, ABC Imaging merges with Mediashore of London. As part of their international plans, ABC Imaging acquires space for stores in Dubai, UAE and in Shanghai, PRC.
Stores open in Las Vegas, NV; Fort Lauderdale, FL; and Denver, CO.

Stores open in Concord, CA; Oakland, CA; Philadelphia, PA; and Hunt Valley, MD.

Stores open in Manassas, VA; and Tampa, FL.

Stores open in Boston South, MA; and Miami West, FL.
ABC Imaging acquires Peeq Imaging.

In November, ABC Imaging opens a store in Charlotte, NC.

In January, ABC Imaging acquires INDOX Services' Denver Operation.