Promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility at ABC Imaging

Promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility in a company means more than making statements and creating policies. At ABC Imaging we take pride in the initiatives we have started to make us a more environmentally responsible company.

We've collected our environmental systems and efforts into an initiative we call Eco Solutions. Some of our Eco Solutions include the following:

  • Digital workflow solution—reduce the use of paper in all transactions from email to invoicing.
  • Print media selection—use of BioBoard™, made from 90% recycled materials, recycled vinyl materials for banners and signs, and recycled bond paper for copying.
  • Printing inks—all offset printing inks used by ABC Imaging are friendly to the environment. Our Grand Format Division is evaluating the use of latex inks for wide format digital printing.

For all customers—commercial or consumer—our motto is: 
"Impress Every Client, Every Time."